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What is a Thai Limited Company?

Company registration for Limited companies are widely chosen as the primary business structure in Thailand. These companies require two shareholders who hold unpaid shares. Foreign ownership in these shares cannot exceed 49% in total. The shareholders must include a director or a director’s name must be submitted. The business must also appoint an accountant to ensure compliance with the Civil and Commercial Code and the Revenue Code of Thailand, and to submit company books annually. Additionally, directors of the company are eligible to apply for work permits for foreign employees.

Thai Limited Company Registration

  • To reserve your company name in Thailand, you have two options: visit a local Department of Business Development (DBD) office or utilize the online registration platform at (

    Your chosen business name must adhere to copyright laws and be registered in both Thai and English. To increase your chances of approval, you can suggest three names to the DBD.

    Note that the trading name of your business can differ from the company name. Once approved, the trading name is valid for 30 days; failure to complete registration within this period will result in forfeiture.

    Prepare the following documents:

    1. Objectives of the company
    2. Registered capital for establishing the company
    3. Details (names, addresses, occupations, and share percentages) of shareholders
    4. Registered address for the company
    5. Proposed company name

    Submit these documents to a DBD office. Upon completion, you will receive registration documents along with a company/tax ID.

    The registration fee for a private limited company is THB 5,500 per THB 1 million of registered capital. For companies requiring work permits, a minimum of THB 2 million in registered capital per work permit is necessary.

    Once registered, you can apply for and obtain a company corporate tax ID card from the Revenue Department.

    Note: VAT payments are mandatory for companies employing foreigners or with an annual revenue exceeding THB 1.8 million.


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