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Accounting and Tax

We dedicate our thorough understanding of
Thailand’s taxation systems to helping our clients achieve their business objectives, always striving to maximize company benefits and reducing tax liabilities.

Accounting Services and Tax

Vat Registration

Business Value added tax registration and processing.

Social Security

Register company and staff to social security office.


Providing advice on accounting-tax in Thailand.

Tax Planning

Provide tax planning services


Monthly account keeping and filing.

Tax Submission

File personal and corporate taxes

Monthly Tax Submission

Preparing and filing VAT (PP30) PND 90/91 PND 53 PND1

Annual Report

Preparing and submit a financial statement submission form to the Ministry of Commerce (SorBorChor. 3)

Corporate Tax

Preparing and file mid-year corporate income tax (PND. 51) and year-end corporate income tax (PND 50).

Tax Report

Preparing input tax report and monthly sales tax report.


Preparing and submit annual employee withholding tax (PND. 1 Kor) PND3 PND53

Tax ID

Application Tax ID number for business and personal.

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