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What are Civil and Commercial Partnerships?

There are three main types of civil and commercial partnerships available in Thailand:

  • Unregistered Ordinary Partnership – Partners equally share responsibilities and liabilities for any adverse events. Additionally, this form lacks legal recognition at present.
  • Registered Ordinary Partnership – This variant necessitates registration with the relevant authority, providing it with legal status and independent legal rights, responsibilities, and liabilities.
  • Limited Partnership – This category encompasses two partner types: the unlimited liability partner and the limited liability partner. The former bears complete and indefinite responsibility, irrespective of their partners’ contributions. Conversely, the latter’s liability is limited to their partners’ contributions.

Although registering partnerships can be easier than other registering other company structures, one cannot apply for work permits or open company bank accounts and is not the advised route for foreigners starting a new business in Thailand. 

two people in a thai civil and commercial partnership