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What is a BOI Company

The Board of Investment (BOI) Thailand provides investment incentives for both foreign and local entrepreneurs interested in engaging in its endorsed activities. Specific criteria are set by the BOI for projects seeking these benefits. To qualify for BOI promotion, businesses must align with predefined categories established by the Board.

While not all businesses are eligible for BOI status, this process offers advantages by easing certain restrictions found in Foreign Business License applications. BOI-certified companies in Thailand can be fully owned by foreign entities and can operate within the parameters of the specified business lists. Additional incentives include the ability to own land, apply for work permits without employment constraints, and freely transfer funds abroad.

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Which Types of Businesses Can Become a BOI Company

  • The BOI does however only cover certain businesses and the process can take up to 6 months. Seek legal help to speed up the application process:

    AGRICULTURE : plant and animal breeding, forest plantation, fertilizers, deep sea fishery, packing and storing of vegetables and flowers, plant or animal fat, products from natural extracts, rubber, bio fuels, food additives, food supplement and cold storage.

    MINING CERAMICS AND BASIC METALS: prospecting minerals, potash mining and dressing, advanced or nano material products, glass and ceramic products, fire resistant materials, heat insulation materials, gypsum, steel, metal powder, ferro alloy, and coil centers.

    LIGHT INDUSTRIES: textiles, fabric, sports equipment, musical instrument, furniture, toys, jewelry, lens, medical devices, and leather products.

    METAL PRODUCTS, MACHINERY AND TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT: metal products or parts, surface treatment, machinery, equipment, automobiles, engines and parts, rubber tires, ships, aircrafts, fabrication industry or platform repair for petroleum industry and science equipment. 

    ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY AND ELCTRICAL APPLIANCES: electrical products, electrical equipment for industrial use, electronic products, transmission cable, parts for telecommunication products, printed circuit boards, solar cells, media for hard disk drive, flat panel display, software and E-commerce business.

    CHEMICALS, PAPERS AND PLASTICS: industrial chemicals, polymers, oil refineries, petrochemicals, plastic products for industrial goods, plastic packaging, recycled plastic products and medicines.

    SERVICE AND PUBLIC UTILITIES: production of electricity, production of tap water, loading facilities for cargo ships, airports, mass transit system, distribution centers, international headquarters, international trading centers, trade investment support offices, energy service companies, real estate development for industrial use, cloud service, research and development, bio technology related services, engineering designs, scientific laboratories, calibration, sterilisation and waste treatment.

    Technology and innovation development: Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Advanced Material, Technology and Digital Technology.

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Setting up a BOI Company

If your company is compliant, it is simple to apply for a BOI company, however, consult a lawyer to make sure that your company complies with their specifications. The process can take up to 6 months and you will need to present your company to the BOI. You can find out more on how to do E-registrations here.